Travertine Floor Restoration


Travertine Floor Services


Is your Travertine floor scratched, stained, or dull? At Flooring by Tile Experts we have the equipment needed for wet honing using diamond pads, and a crystallization process to create radiant sheen that lasts. Flooring By Tile Experts offers three different service methods economy, midway and premium service based on the current condition of your floor. We specialize in cleaning, waxing, sealing, honing, polishing, diamond grinding and removing stains that have penetrated the surface of Travertine. Flooring By Tile Experts recommends only neutral cleaners for maintaining these surfaces. Using acids, vinegar, and other products with chemicals to clean eats away the product and color known as etching, leaving it vulnerable allowing dirt and particles to embed into the surface. Let Flooring By Tile Experts rejuvenate your lifeless floor and give back its natural brilliance.